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Presenting to a Publisher

self-publishing-booksYou have now taken the steps to outline your book. You have even written a table of contents and the first few chapters. Now you will have to create a proposal for your book. By doing the steps you have already taken , a lot of the proposal is already completed. You will take these items in to the publisher when you meet with them, tell them who the target audience is for your book, why you are the only one that can do a good job writing this particular book, what the book is about, other books that are similar to what you are writing about, and anything else they may question you about. Hand the table of contents and the chapters you wrote in to the publisher and let him or her look over them and keep a copy for themselves. After all of this, you will want to explain to the publisher all of your plans for marketing your book. There are many ways to market it, but you will want to give specifics such as by speaking on the topic on tour for a year or so, creating a larger online following, or building up your online presence to get your name out there.

One thing to keep in mind is that a great idea is always better than your online presence. Most writers believe that having a great online presence is a huge plus for them in the market. Typically, that isn’t the case. Most publishers that I have personally worked with had no idea who I was before I walked into their door. And I had a huge following on Facebook and Twitter, but I started receiving one rejection letter after another from publishers. What it boiled down to was this: If you have a great idea that publishers think will sell, that is much more important than the number of followers or friends you have on social media.